The Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation is dedicated to promoting change by supporting organizations that improve quality of life and help individuals to fulfill their potential.  The Foundation arises out of a Judeo-Christian framework and values ecumenical endeavors.  The Foundation particularly supports programs that work to break down cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and identity barriers.

The Roblee Foundation, established in 1971, is based in St. Louis, and accepts applications for grants in metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri and Miami-Dade in Florida.  However, grants may be made in other areas of special interest to the Board.

Most grants range from $3,000-$20,000.

The Roblee Foundation accepts grant proposals in the following focus areas:

To improve education through:
•    Supporting systemic change
•    Teacher training & recruitment
•    Elevating the status of teaching
•    Addressing achievement gap
•    Assuring children enter elementary school ready to learn
•    Developing the love of learning


To support and promote community through:
•    Promoting understanding, cooperation and respect between different cultures, ethnic/racial groups, religions, and sexual orientations.
•    Developing leadership and civic responsibility
•    Supporting community initiatives
•    Promoting access to healthy food and nutrition education
•    Preventing human trafficking and providing support services for victims


To strengthen families through:
•    Parenting education
•    Family support programs
•    Advancing the rights of and encourage services for alternative-model families

To empower women through:
•    Reproductive freedom
•    Prevention of violence, abuse, and poverty
•    Economic independence

To support children and youth programs that:
•    Provide early childhood services
•    Prevent and/or address:

•    Improve the foster care system
•    Protect and support LGBTQ youth
•    Provide professional development for child care providers

The Foundation accepts proposals for the following types of support:
•    Project and program funds.  (We have traditionally emphasized programs that support advocacy, prevention, and systemic improvements, but we will support treatment and crisis intervention when the approach is innovative or there is an unusual need.)
•    Capacity building and technical assistance
•    Startup funds and planning grants
•    Policy development and advocacy
•    Scholarship programs
•    Capital and endowment campaigns 

The foundation does not award grants to individuals.  Unsolicited proposals for support of the arts, medical research, environmental concerns, or other projects outside the above stated program areas or geographic regions will not be considered.

First time applicants to the foundation are  required to call foundation staff (314-963-7713) to explore your project’s funding potential.


*All materials should be sent via e-mail

The Roblee Foundation has two funding cycles per year.  Application deadlines for each cycle are: 
January 5 (Grants to be awarded in June or early July)

June 15 (Grants to be awarded in December)

The Roblee Foundation has a two-part application process:

Part One Preliminary Proposal:
   Organizations must submit the Roblee Foundation Proposal Summary and one page budget using the appropriate Missouri Common Grant Application Budget Template.  For requests for project funding, use the Project Budget Template.  For operating funds, use the Organizational Budget Template.  For capital campaigns, use the Capital Campaign Budget Template.  The Preliminary Proposal must be e-mailed no later than midnight of the due date for the appropriate funding cycle.  If e-mail is not available, a hard copy must be postmarked and sent on or before the due date, to the Foundation’s PO Box.  Organizations in Miami-Dade County, FL must also mail a hard copy to the Florida address.  The Foundation will review this information and contact applicants via email within approximately nine weeks regarding the status of their application.

Part Two Full Proposal:
If the Part One Preliminary Proposal is found to be promising, the organization will be invited via e-mail to submit the Part Two Full Proposal: the Missouri Common Grant Application (beginning with narrative) and all required attachments.  A specific due date, generally about three weeks after notification, will be provided. Proposals must be e-mailed no later than midnight of the due date.  If e-mail is not available, a hard copy must be postmarked and sent on or before the due date, and sent to the Foundation’s PO Box.  Foundation staff will contact each organization to discuss the proposal in detail.  The Foundation will notify all of those who submit Part Two Full Proposals of the board's decision. Please note that submission of Part Two does not guarantee that a grant request will be funded.

Jane Callahan
Executive Director

Additionally, agencies in Miami/Dade County, FL should e-mail application to:

*US Mail for agencies without access to e-mail:
JF Roblee Foundation
8816 Manchester Road # 296
St. Louis, MO 63144

Organizations in Miami/Dade County, FL must also mail to:
Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation
5003 S.W. 71st Pl.
Miami, FL 33155

Grants shall be used solely for the purposes and for the period of time outlined in the proposal, unless the Grantee has received permission from the Foundation.
Grantees are required to submit a complete evaluation and financial report at the conclusion of the grant period.

o    Guidelines
o    Application Procedures
o    Part One Preliminary Proposal Checklist
o    Part Two Full Proposal Checklist
o    Proposal Summary (MS Word format)
o    Proposal Summary (PDF format)
o    Missouri Common Grant Application User Guide (PDF format)
o    Missouri Common Grant Application Form (MS Word format)
o    Missouri Common Grant Application Form (PDF format)
o    Missouri Common Grant Application Budget Template (MS Excel format)
o    Final Report